PayPal Betting In Florida

With the recent revisions of online betting laws in Florida, bettors are anticipating increased betting across the Sunshine State soon. PayPal betting in Florida is one way to secure deposits, withdrawals, and various benefits in this guide. We also include the pros and cons of PayPal, how to get started with PayPal betting in FL.

Why bet with PayPal in Florida?

PayPal has been a well-known online payment system for over twenty years. Starting in the US and making its way across the globe, it now services over 300 million users.

While it´s known as a virtual payment system for online purchases, PayPal is now being used across states as a way to fund online sports betting. With its top security and quick transactions, Floridians hope to hop on the PayPal betting bandwagon soon through some top betting sites.

Our guide will walk you through the good and the bad of PayPal betting in Flordia. You´ll also learn:

  • Which Florida betting sites accept PayPal
  • How to deposit on your FL betting site with PayPal
  • How to withdraw on your betting site with PayPal
  • Why PayPal benefits FL bettors
  • How to set up your PayPal account in Florida

Depositing with PayPal in Florida

Depositing money into your PayPal sportsbook account is fast and easy. But, first, you´ll need to be logged on to your Florida online gambling account.

Next, go to the “deposits” page of your betting site. This may be a page found under your account settings.

Then, choose PayPal or e-wallet as your selected method of deposit. Next, write in the amount you want to add to your betting site. Remember that you´ll need to deposit a set amount or more for some promos and online bonuses to receive the benefits.

Finally, your betting site will open a new prompt requesting that you input your PayPal details to confirm the transaction. This is a secure prompt that will finalize your deposit.

PayPal betting in Florida means instant deposits if transferring from your bank account, debit/credit card, or PayPal balance. Some sportsbooks may take longer to process deposits, but for the most part, we are expected instant transactions for Florida PayPal betting deposits.

Withdrawing with PayPal

Withdrawing your winnings from your betting site and onto PayPal is only allowed on a select few sportsbooks. Withdrawals usually take between 24-48 hours to hit your PayPal account, although some betting sites have longer processing times.

To withdraw from your betting site with PayPal, you´ll need to follow the same steps as you did for depositing, except that you´ll input your information on the “withdrawals” page of your site. Log in, maneuver to your site´s withdrawal page, select PayPal and the amount, input your PayPal credentials, and – voilà– withdrawal initiated.

Top FL operators offering PayPal betting


We anticipate some of the top Florida PayPal betting sites, including BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars sportsbook. These betting sites have a strong presence across the U.S. and are vying for Florida licenses once the online betting scene comes into play.

PayPal sportsbooks in Florida

Check out the PayPal sportsbooks in Florida, offering the popular banking option that is Paypal.


BetMGM has offered PayPal in neighboring states for deposits that clear in minutes. It is also one of a select few betting sites with PayPal as a withdrawal method, clearing within 1-5 business days. In addition, they offer a low PayPal withdrawal minimum of $20. Finally, take advantage of the wide array of betting promos across markets and seasons.


DraftKings is expected to allow deposits and withdrawals for Florida PayPal betting to and from personal PayPal accounts. Withdrawals may take 3 days to process while deposits are instant. Enjoy the platform for diverse betting pools, internal competitions, and betting promos.


FanDuel is the site you want to be on for both online sports betting and fantasy betting. In addition, they accept PayPal for deposits and withdrawals in most states they operate in, clearing PayPal withdrawals in as little as 48 hours.


With its huge betting market menu, Caesars sportsbook follows suit with many deposit and withdrawal options for users. One of these includes PayPal, although they require you to use the same PayPal account for your deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal betting pros in Florida


PayPal has become the leading online e-wallet and online payment system through the speed of their transactions, top security, and worldwide efficiency.

FL bettors need to make sure their betting transactions move as fast as the game they´re betting on. These funds should be protected and able to move from the bettor´s bank to the betting site with no jams in between. It´s no wonder that bettors are flocking towards PayPal betting in Florida.


PayPal betting in Florida is most attractive because of its speed for betting deposits. Bettors can move their funds from their bank account, debit/credit card, or PayPal balance to their betting site in as fast as a few seconds.

When a new promo or offer appears on your betting site, you´ll want to opt-in for it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some of these promos require a deposit or bet to be made to activate, and this is where PayPal can come to the rescue.

Connecting your PayPal account to your betting site can be done in a couple of minutes, and once you do it the first time the times that follow are even faster.


Customers across America trust PayPal as a secure payment method, no matter the retailer or service provider. This is because PayPal uses end-to-end encryption services for transactions, creating a security bubble around your money as it moves.

If you have any issues with a transaction, PayPal is also quick to freeze your assets and immediately investigate the fraud or suspicious activity.

Many bettors prefer to keep their sports bets separate from their day-to-day transactions. PayPal betting in Florida gives bettors not only the security they need but additional privacy.

By utilizing PayPal to connect their bank account or credit/debit card to their betting site, the charge on their account will be reflected as a payment to PayPal, and not to the betting site. This adds an extra layer of anonymity to your Florida sports betting.


Bettors can use PayPal for betting sites across the U.S. We expect the same situation to appear in Florida. If they´re still waiting on their favorite sportsbook to gain a betting license in Florida, bettors may be able to use PayPal to fund an offshore sports betting account in the meantime. Each state and locality have laws around offshore betting, so check the regulations in your area before trying out this option.

PayPal betting cons in Florida


No banking methods are perfect, and even the largest one in the game will come with a few drawbacks. For example, Florida bettors may be disappointed by PayPal´s inconsistent customer service, frozen accounts for suspicious activity, and fees if using a business PayPal account.

Inconsistent customer service

Bettors can contact PayPal about any concerns through their customer service line, by writing, or through a report on their PayPal Resolution Center page. It´s safe to say that calling is usually the fastest way to reach someone, but PayPal´s line does not offer the support most bettors may seek.

Unfortunately, this line has received various customer complaints in the form of reviews for being inconsistent with information and responses. It may take you time to finally speak to a live representative, and then that representative may not immediately provide the information you need. This can prove especially frustrating if you´re looking to resolve an issue related to your betting site account before an upcoming game or match.

Frozen accounts

While PayPal security is top-notch, the downside that comes with it comes in the form of frozen accounts. If your account is being phished or scammed, freezing it is a great option; not so much if PayPal freezes your account thinking your betting deposit was fraudulent.

Bettors may run into issues when they first deposit or withdrawal between their betting site and PayPal account. As a new transaction, PayPal can flag this transaction as suspicious, freezing your account in the meantime. This means a longer wait time before betting or enjoying your winnings, and a bit of a headache trying to get it resolved.

Fees for commerce accounts

PayPal betting in Florida is enjoyed because of its little to no fees for personal PayPal accounts. So you can move money to and from your sportsbook without worry or cost.

However, if you use a business PayPal account, you´ll incur fees, especially when withdrawing from your betting site and into your PayPal account.If you´re using PayPal betting in Florida, avoid this con by simply sticking to a free, personal PayPal account.

Betting site connectivity

Some Florida sportsbooks require your PayPal account to be associated with the same email address you use for that betting site. Therefore, if you are a bettor who uses multiple email addresses or has since updated your email, you may have connectivity issues between PayPal and your Florida betting site account.

Another downfall of PayPal betting is that it isn´t widely accepted as a withdrawal method for Florida betting sites. We hope that PayPal betting in Florida soon expands to include more withdrawal options.

Setting up your Florida PayPal account


Florida PayPal betting can be set up faster than your lunch break. Follow these three easy steps below to set up your Florida PayPal account today.

Select your account in FL

You’ll first need to choose between a personal or business PayPal account. We recommend a personal account, as you’ll incur little to no fees. Remember to register for your PayPal account with the same email address you used/plan to use for your betting site account to avoid connectivity issues.

Connect your money

You can fund your PayPal account through your bank account, debit/credit card, or through other PayPal transfers from family and friends. The latter transfers should also be from personal PayPal accounts.

You can choose to simply connect your money’s source for whenever you need it or you can transfer money into your PayPal account and have it sit tight until use.

Confirm your Florida account

PayPal requires you to verify your email address and phone number before confirming your account. So make sure to always update these details if you change emails or phones. Once your account is confirmed, you’re ready for Florida PayPal betting.

Florida PayPal betting FAQs

Can I use PayPal for sports betting in Florida?

Betting sites across the U.S. use PayPal for depositing and withdrawing betting funds. Florida sports betting laws are being constantly revised, and we anticipate that future licensed FL betting sites will also include PayPal as a deposit/withdrawal method for bettors.

How do I deposit money through PayPal for sports betting?

Log on to your betting site. Next, navigate to the “deposits” page and select e-wallet/PayPal as your deposit method. Next, input the amount you would like to deposit. Your betting site will prompt you to enter your PayPal details, which should arrive in seconds.

What are the pros of PayPal betting in Florida?

PayPal betting in Florida is fast, secure, and efficient. Users can deposit money into their betting site account instantly, and withdrawals can take anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on the betting site.

What are the cons of PayPal betting in Florida?

PayPal betting in Florida charges fees for using a business PayPal account, has inconsistent customer service, and may sometimes freeze accounts if they note suspicious activity. Some betting sites also require your PayPal account email address to be the same as your betting account’s associated email.

Which betting sites accept PayPal?

BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars sportsbook all accept PayPal in most states where they are licensed. We anticipate these will be the same betting sites with PayPal deposit in Florida once online sports betting licenses are distributed to betting operators.