Florida Sportsbook Promos

Betting sites in Florida provide time-limited Florida sportsbook promos. These are usually distinct from those offered to new users that sign up using Florida sports betting bonuses. Luckily, you’ll find Florida online betting promo codes throughout the year.

Top sports betting bonuses in Florida


Below you can read more about the top sports betting bonuses in Florida, to learn more about what they mean and what you as a betting player can get out of them.

Risk-free sports betting bonuses

Florida online sportsbooks offer their customers risk-free betting bonuses as a sign of good faith that they value their customer’s business. Risk-free bets assure that your first bet will be automatically refunded if you end up losing. This way, you can get a feel for the sportsbook without risking money.

Normally, sportsbooks put a limit on how much you can bet using a risk-free betting bonus, but it’s typically quite high. For example, FanDuel offers risk-free betting bonuses worth up to $1,000 for their new signees.

However, once you use the bet, it’s gone. Risk-free betting bonuses are a one-time offer that can’t be spread across multiple bets. Therefore, it incentivizes players to deposit more money at the start so they can place higher bets without the risk of losing.

Free bet sports betting bonuses

Although they sound about the same, free bets and risk-free bets are different types of bonuses. Essentially, free bets exist independently from your first bet. So, for example, as soon as you make a deposit, you unlock a free bet, which you can then use play.

For many online sportsbooks, your free bet will typically match your original first wage, sometimes up to 100%. Other sites offer flat rate free bets as soon as you sign up for their platform and make a deposit. For example, DraftKings offers new signees a free $50 bet on sign-up.

Free bet on sign-up

Once you have signed up, confirmed your account and deposited funds to your bankroll, DraftKings will then unlock a free $50 bet. You can use this bet to place a wager wherever you want. If you win the wager, that money becomes yours, so you get to play without the risk of losing your own $50.

Free bets normally come with a few caveats, though:

  • They’re typically time-bound, meaning you’ll have to use them within a set period. The industry standard seems to be around 30 days after you unlock the promotion.
  • You can only collect the profit from the bet, not from the entire stake of a bet. For example, if you used a $50 free bet on a wager with +100 odds, you’d only walk away with $50 profit rather than the $50 profit and $50 stake.

These details should be fully clarified in the terms and conditions when you unlock the bonus.

Deposit match sports betting bonuses

Deposit match bonuses also incentivize new players to deposit more money into their accounts on sign-up. A deposit match bonus grants players extra betting tokens based on their first deposit using a percentage rate. Therefore, higher deposits grant more bonus credits.

The total percentage varies from sportsbook to sportsbook, but some platforms offer deposit match bonuses up to 100%, basically doubling however much you deposit into your account on sign-up. However, deposit match bonuses typically come with some playthrough requirements.

Playthrough requirements

Sportsbooks don’t want you to sign up, deposit some money, and then immediately walk away with your deposit match, so they require you to play through a certain amount of your deposit before they grant the bonus. So, for example, you may just have to place a single bet before unlocking the bonus.

Not all sites use such a simple process, though, so be sure to read through the terms and conditions on sign-up, so you know how to use the deposit match bonuses.

No-deposit sports betting bonuses

No-deposit bonuses—also known as no-deposit free bonuses—are the only truly free bonus you can unlock on a sportsbook. The only requirement is that you sign up, register, and verify your account. The only downside is that you may have to deal with a sludge of spammy emails.

As soon as you’ve finished the registration and verification process, your new sportsbook will automatically credit a certain amount of bonus credits into your bankroll. As exciting as this sounds, though, don’t expect to make much off of a no-deposit bonus. They typically max out at around $25.

Likewise, no-deposit free bonuses typically come with a few additional terms and conditions:

  • They are normally time-bound, meaning you must use them within a certain period—usually from a week to a month
  • You must use free bonus credits all at once. You cannot divide them across multiple wagers
  • If you win a wager using a free bet, you’ll only earn the profit from the win, not the profit plus the bet’s stake.

Essentially, no-deposit free sports bets work the same as the free and risk-free bets we explained above. The only difference is that you don’t have to deposit money into your bankroll to unlock the bonus.

Additionally, no-deposit-free sports bets normally don’t have rollover requirements. So once you put the bonus amount into play, you should be able to withdraw your winnings.

FL Sportsbook Promo Codes

The Great State of Florida is one of the top states in the nation for sports betting, and the four highlighted sites are among the best when it comes to promo codes. These include boosted odds, parlay insurance, and more.

Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, or any other sport, there’s a good chance you can find a great promo code at one of these Florida sportsbooks.

BetMGM Promotions

The site offers a variety of other promos, such as deposit bonuses and reduced juice betting. This makes BetMGM an excellent choice for Floridians who love to bet on sports.

No matter what sport you’re interested in, the BetMGM Florida bonus code is excellent. They offer generous bonuses on deposits and rebates on your losses. And our odds are always competitive, so you can be sure to get the best bang for your buck when you bet with us.

Caesars Sports Betting Promos

Florida sports betting fans can enjoy some great promos with the Caesars Sportsbook Florida promo code offer. These include free bet offers and risk-free wagers.

Aside from these promos, you’ll also find boosts and profit boosts for different game lines. For instance, the popular NFL game line offers a boost on parlays and teasers.

If you want to make a little more on your bets, check out the different game lines and their associated boosts.

DraftKings Betting Promos

One of the most popular promos with the DraftKings Florida promo code offer is the deposit bonus. This promo allows users to receive a bonus percentage of their initial deposit, up to a certain amount.

For example, DraftKings may offer a 100% deposit bonus of $200. If you deposit $200 into your account, you’ll receive an extra $200 bonus funds.

FOX Bet Betting Promos

The FOX Bet offers its customers several promotions, including enhanced and risk-free bets. These promos are available for all major sports events, including the NFL.

For example, customers can receive a 25% wager bonus when using specific promo codes. In addition, FOX Bet offers a risk-free bet on the first game of the NFL season.

Florida online sports betting promos for teams


Florida operators are notorious for running promotions on professional in-state teams. This means that for Florida online sports betting promos for teams you can find promotions for:

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)
  • The Miami Dolphins (NFL)
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)
  • The Miami Marlins (MLB)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)
  • The Miami Heat (NBA)
  • The Orlando Magic (NBA)
  • The Florida Panthers (NHL)

While betting on a team simply for the promotion is not a solid strategy, promotions on popular Florida lines can boost informed wagers.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers promos

Sportsbooks cover NFL bets thoroughly to begin with, and promotions on the football market are extensive. You can expect to see offers on:

  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Moneylines
  • Alternative spreads
  • Alternative totals
  • Quarters and halves
  • Props
  • Live betting

Free money promos run rampant on NFL games. Look for schedules that regularly offer boosts on game nights. Some Florida operators also forgo their normal welcome promo for a football-minded one, like BetMGM’s offer to win $200 if you bet $10 and your team scores a touchdown.

Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays promos

Major league baseball has plenty of betting opportunities due to the large number of games played in the season, and promotions tend to focus on moneylines, spread, and live betting.

If you are looking for great promos for your favorites then look to future betting options on the World Series. The further out you place your bets the more you stand to win, and sportsbooks throw out promotions regularly.

Miami Heat and Orlando Magic promos

Basketball is another popular sport and great American pastime, and promotions run rampant on a variety of betting lines, including:

  • Spreads
  • Over/unders
  • Moneylines]
  • Props on players and games
  • Parlays

Keeping an eye on other leagues, like NCAA and WNBA, can provide more promotional opportunities, and worldwide basketball games can steal the stage with unique offers.

Florida Panthers promos

While hockey may not be as popular in Florida, the regular season for NHL has many options in terms of sports betting promos.

Because odds can vary more with puck lines and prop bets in hockey, you need to take the extra time to ensure your bets meet any promotional requirements. Otherwise, hockey fans are bound to find dozens of opportunities to boost their wins.

Specific promos in Florida


The events that have the most promotions offered at Florida sports betting sites are usually:

  • March Madness
  • The NFL’s Super Bowl
  • MLB’s World Series

If you want to focus betting on promotion-heavy sports and events, these have the best options out there.

March Madness promos Florida

March Madness is one of the most popular postseason events in any sport. This 68 team tournament captivates sports enthusiasts across Florida and beyond.

Futures are a popular opportunity for promotions on March Madness, but most of the focus is on bracket challenges run by some.

In these brackets, you choose a winner for each game in a single-elimination tournament style until you decide on a champion. Most promo sportsbooks that run these pools do not require picks for the first four matchups, so you start picking your winners from a field of 64 teams.

Apart from promotions that draw attention to this betting pool you can find boosted odds or reduced juice on moneylines, spreads, totals, and live bets.

Super Bowl promos in FL

The Super Bowl that concludes the NFL’s regular season is packed with promotional offers that promo sportsbooks leverage to get you to choose their site. In many cases, this takes the form of a welcome bonus that multiplies your winnings, like FanDuel’s 55-1 Super Bowl Promo that can turn a $5 bet into $275 in winnings.

At DraftKings, you can double your money if your team scores a touchdown, and you can combine the promo with the regular DraftKings welcome promotion.

Props have some of the most extensive promotional offers for Super Bowl betting.

World Series promos for Florida

While baseball has plenty of chances for promotions during its regular season, the World Series Tournament and Game have an extensive list of promotions, including:

  • FanDuel’s boost on home runs and same game parlays
  • DraftKings’s odds boost on MVP wagers
  • BetMGM’s home run promo that pays out a $2 free bet for every home run if you place a $25 moneyline bet (on game one)

There are simpler promotions that cover more ground than these, but you can see the variety of opportunities to multiply your winnings on the World Series alone.

How to use sports betting promos in Florida


While some sports betting promotions apply automatically, you need to pay attention to any small print tagged onto them.

Some promotions require you to use a specific link to unlock the promotion, and if you access the page without the link then the promotion does not apply.

In other cases, you need to keep track of a promo code to enter when submitting your bet slip, deposit, or any other transaction linked to the promotion.

Look out for terms or conditions relating to:

  • Odds limits
  • Time constraints
  • Minimum and maximum betting amount
  • Eligible betting lines

Failing to take note of these details can forfeit your promotion or cause you to bypass it, but as long as everything is in order, the promo should apply automatically or credit should post to your account within 24 hours.

Best FL betting promo codes

The Best FL betting promo code offers a lot for its users. You’ll get a deposit bonus and free bets when you sign up and use the code.

This is a great way to start your betting experience and can give you a head start on winning money.

The free bets are beneficial because they allow you to place some wagers without risking any of your own money.

Here are just a few things players should expect from promotion offers:

  • Limited time constraints
  • The expiration date for each offer
  • Minimum/maximum deposit amounts
  • Rollover requirements
  • Details on eligibility requirements

Special Wagering Promos Florida

If you’re like most people, when you think of wagering promotions, the first things that come to mind are free bets and boosts. And while those offers are definitely worth taking advantage of, they’re not the only ones out there. Several other Florida Sportsbook promos can be just as lucrative — if not more so.

Sites usually offer refer-a-friend bonuses, VIP programs, and reduced juice promos that can add some serious savings.

The promotions at most Florida casinos vary from week to week, but several offers are usually available that give players different incentives to gamble. These promos can be confusing, so we’ll explain how each of them works and their relative values.

Florida refer-a-friend promos

When referring friends to a new online casino, the reward is usually some free bet. The free bet allows the latest player to test out the games and software without risking their own money. This is a great incentive for players to refer their friends, as they can potentially make some money without risking anything themselves.

Many online casinos offer refer-a-friend promos, and they are usually very generous with the rewards they offer. In addition to a free bet, players can often earn bonus cash or even a free night’s stay at a casino resort. By taking advantage of these promos, players can get extra value from their FL online gambling experience.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to benefit from a “refer-a-friend” promo:

  1. User sign up for an account
  2. They refer your friend to sign up for an account at the same site
  3. The friend signs up
  4. User and their friend make at least one deposit
  5. Both get a site credit to use as a free bet

Reduced juice promos in FL

When it comes to Reduced Juice sportsbook promos, Florida players have the opportunity to get back more of their profits than they would otherwise.

In most cases, the juice is cut down by anywhere from 5% to 10%, making it easier for players to win more money on their bets. Other benefits come with reduced juice promos, such as bonuses and increased limits.

Florida boosted odds promos

In sports betting, a boost is when you bet on a money line, spread, total, prop, parlay, or other markets with increased options. Sportsbooks usually announce boosts in the form of a promotional offer. For example, a sportsbook might offer boosted odds of the Florida Gators winning the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Boosts can be a great way to increase your potential profits when betting on sports. However, it’s important to remember that not all boosts are created equal. Some offers may be more favorable than others. It’s therefore essential to do your research before taking advantage of any boosts offered by sportsbooks.

VIP/Loyalty Club promos

There is no doubt that VIP loyalty clubs work because players keep working their way up the ranks at the site. The more users play, the more rewards and promos they can access.

This is a great incentive to keep players coming back for more and encourage them to stay longer. Additionally, it allows casinos to monitor player behavior and reward loyal customers with better perks.

VIP customers get offers for personalized contests, enhanced promos, and other opportunities that other customers don’t. In addition to these exclusive perks, users also get early access to new products and first consideration for special promotions.

Florida online promos

There are now many daily free-to-play pools you can enter to win cash prizes. The top online poker rooms in Florida offer these promos to attract more players to their sites.

By giving away some extra money, the poker rooms hope that players will stick around and gamble on other games.

Most of these free-to-play pools award the top prize to the player who scores the best hand or accumulates the most points during the contest period.

However, some pools also have consolation prizes for those who finish in second or third place. And even if you don’t win any money, you can still take home some bragging rights.

Sports Featured In Betting Promos Florida

Betting promos are often advertised for National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB) games.

Florida betting Miami Dolphins promos

Undoubtedly, the Miami Dolphins are one of the most exciting teams in the NFL, and as a result, they tend to attract a lot of betting interest.

Fans of the team can take advantage of reduced juice promos for Miami Dolphins NFL games from time to time. This means they can get better odds on their bets, giving them a better chance of winning money.

FL betting Tampa Bay Rays promos

MLB teams offer a variety of promos to their fans throughout the season. These promos can include enhanced betting options, parlay promos, free bet offers, and daily free-to-play pools. The Tampa Bay Rays are one team that has been known to offer some great promos for their fans.

One of the most popular promos in MLB is the enhanced betting option. This allows fans to make wagers on games with increased payouts. For example, a fan might be able to bet on a game and receive a payout if their team wins by four or more runs.

Another popular promo is the parlay promo. This allows fans to make multiple bets on a single game and receive a higher payout if all of their bets win. Parlay promos are common in both MLB and NFL games.

Miami Heat promos Florida

An NBA promo is a term used for a promotional contest or sweepstakes offered by the National Basketball Association. These promos are commonly marked as “enhanced” or “boosted,” as well as “reduced juice.”

This means that the odds of winning are better, and the payouts are larger than in a standard raffle. The Miami Heat is one team that frequently offers enhanced promos.

FAQ Florida sportsbook promos

Who is eligible for sports betting promotions in Florida?

People over the age of 21 are eligible to participate in sports betting promotions. This is because the legal age for participating in such activities is 21.
To ensure that everyone is following the law, those not of legal age cannot participate in any sports betting promotions. This includes receiving any promotional materials or bonuses related to sports betting.

Do Florida betting promos have rules?

When it comes to Florida betting promos, you must always follow a set of terms and conditions to be fully eligible for the offer. 
As a rule of thumb, always read the fine print before signing up for any promotion, as some offers may have hidden requirements that you may not be aware of.
In most cases, you’ll need to make a qualifying deposit and bet to be eligible for the bonus amount.

What are Rollover Requirements for FL sports betting promotions?

When you take part in a sports betting promotion, there is usually a rollover requirement that you must meet before you can cash out any winnings.
Rollover requirements are designed to prevent players from simply taking advantage of a promotion and then cashing out. 
By requiring players to wager their winnings a certain number of times, bookmakers can ensure that players benefit from the promotion and not just use it to get free money.

What are the most popular types of Florida sportsbook promos?

The most common offers include reduced juice, refer-a-friend, VIP loyalty club, and boosted odds promos.
Reduced juice: Bettors receive reduced odds on their wagers, which means they have to risk less money to earn a profit.
Referral bonuses can be in cashback or free bets, making them a lucrative way to earn extra money.
VIP loyalty clubs: These benefits can include cashback on losses, free bets, and bonus offers.

Are Florida sports betting promo codes and FL Sportsbook bonuses the same thing?

No, promo codes and bonuses are not the same things. A promo code is a specific code that a player must enter to redeem a bonus. 
The sportsbook generally offers promo codes to get new players to sign up.  On the other hand, Bonuses are given to players who have already signed up and deposited money into their accounts.
There are several different types of bonuses, but the most common is the match bonus. This is where the sportsbook will match a player’s deposit, usually up to a certain amount.