Sports Betting Odds in Florida

Are you looking for the best sports betting odds in Florida? Well, there are plenty of sportsbooks you can gamble at. However, it is vital that you make the right betting picks. After all, we are sure you want to win as much cash as you possibly can from your bets.

Introduction to sports betting odds Florida

When it comes to gambling, everything that you do will be influenced by sports betting odds. These odds will help you to work out how much cash you can win from a bet. They will tell you how risky a bet is. They may even help you to find which betting markets you want to get involved in.

It doesn’t matter what sport you are betting on in Florida, and you will always want to pay attention to sports betting odds.

On this page, we are going to cover the following:

  • The best sportsbooks in Florida for betting odds
  • How to read betting odds
  • How to choose the right bet for you
  • Available betting markets

Since we have a lot to cover, shall we just jump right on in?

How do sports betting odds in Florida work?

Sports betting odds are initially calculated by the sportsbook. Then, they will use a complex algorithm to determine the likelihood of a bet coming through.

Once the bets are launched on the sportsbook, then the odds are in the hands of the punters. If one betting market attracts a lot of bets, then the odds will become shorter. The opposite bet will then have longer odds.

Because of this, there isn’t a single sportsbook in Florida that will consistently have the best betting odds. You will have to check out multiple sportsbooks to find decent odds. We always check at least 5 sportsbooks whenever we want to place a bet.

The best sportsbooks for sports betting odds in Florida


There are a ton of different online sportsbooks in Florida. Unfortunately, as you will discover soon, every sportsbook will have slightly different betting odds. This means that it may be worth getting signed up to several different sportsbooks.

FOX Bet sports betting odds

FOX Bet Florida is our ‘go-to’ sportsbook in the state when we are looking for enhanced odds promotions. They also offer regular betting tips tied to their enhanced odds.

Betrivers betting odds

Betrivers Florida offers a wealth of sports. They offer scores and odds across a multitude of different sports. This includes American sports and international events.

BetMGM betting odds

BetMGM Florida is one of the largest sportsbooks in Florida. They offer fantastic rewards for regular gamblers. They are always worth checking to see whether they have a promotion or two running as well.

Draftkings odds

Draftkings Florida offers a wealth of betting markets for events all over the world. They are always great for checking out if you can’t quite decide what game you want to gamble on.

Fanduel betting odds

If you love live betting odds, then it may be worth checking out FanDuel Florida. Most of the games they have on offer there will have a live market available.

How to read sports betting odds in Florida


In this section, we want to give you a brief overview of how you can read betting odds in Florida. As you may well know, there are three different ways that Florida sports betting sites can display their odds. We will cover them all here.

How to read American betting odds in Florida

This is the betting odds display system that you are likely going to see the most in Florida. In fact, it is probably going to be the default for many sports betting apps. American betting odds will be highlighted with either a + or – before the betting odds.

  • A – will appear before the favorite bet. The number shows how much you would need to bet to win $100
  • A + will show an underdog bet. The number shows how much you would win if you bet $100.

How to read decimal betting odds in Florida

Decimal odds will be displayed as a decimal. The number that appears is how much you would win with a $1.00 bet. It is important to note that when you see decimal odds displayed, they also include your initial stake. This isn’t the case for the other two odds display systems.

How to read fractional betting odds in Florida

Fractional odds are displayed as fractions. The first number will tell you the potential winnings. The second number will tell you how much you would need to bet. So, if you saw 10/1 odds, then a $1 bet would give you $10. If you saw 5/3, then a $3.00 would give you $5.00.

What bets are available in Florida?


We aren’t going to go through all potential bets that you can make here. Every sport in Florida will have its own betting markets. We will give you a brief overview, though.

Moneylines in FL

If you want to choose a game’s winner, it will be a moneyline bet. Moneylines tend to offer low rewards for a winning bet. This is because they are safe bets. Predicting which team may win a game tends to be pretty easy.

Point spreads bets in Florida

Point spreads are similar to a moneyline, but for those that want to win a bit more cash. One of the main reasons why moneyline betting odds tend to be fairly short is that there is always going to be a clear favorite.

Point spreads tend to even out the playing field a bit. Point spreads give the favorite team a handicap that they need to overcome. If they fail to overcome the handicap, then the underdog is deemed to be the winner.

Parlays in FL

Parlays have the highest risk but the greatest reward. Parlay bets in Florida will combine multiple bets into a single bet. For example, the following could form a parlay bet:

  • Bet on a team to win
  • Bet they win by a certain number of points
  • Bet on the player that scores the most points

With a parlay bet, all of the betting lines that you put onto the bet need to be winners. If one of the lines doesn’t come through, you win nothing.

The more lines you add to your parlay, the more you could potentially win. However, the risk is also much higher.

Live sports betting odds in Florida

Many sportsbooks in Florida will offer live betting. Traditionally, you would normally only be able to place bets before a game starts. Now, with new tech, you can bet while the game is in action. Live betting can be great if you enjoy watching sport.

Futures sports betting odds in Florida

If you want to place a bet that covers the whole of a season or a tournament, then you will want to look for futures bets. These sports betting odds in Florida will cover something that will happen in the future and is not tied to a specific game. For example;

If you bet on the winner of the FIFA World Cup before the tournament starts, this is a futures bet. However, if you bet when the two finalists are known, this is just a moneyline bet.

Prop bets in FL

Prop bets are the singles bets that have the best sports betting odds in Florida. This is because they tend to be quite risky. With prop bets, you will be gambling on certain events in the game. This is anything not tied to the final result. These are prop bets that have appeared before:

  • The time of the first substitute in a soccer match
  • The number of passing yards for a specific player in an NFL game
  • Score at the end of the first quarter in basketball

Prop bets tend to involve the sportsbook getting a little bit more creative. As a result, you can find some rather unique betting odds here.

How to choose the right sports betting odds in Florida


We want to wrap up by giving you a few tips that we really think will help you to make more sensible bets. After all, the whole reason why you are going to be looking into sports betting odds in Florida is to ensure that you win as much cash as you possibly can, right?

Establish a bankroll

Your bankroll is the amount that you have set aside for gambling. Think of this as cash that you can afford to lose. Establishing your bankroll allows you to work out how much you can spend on gambling.

It is important to note that you should not be spending the entirety of your bankroll on a single bet. Instead, your bankroll should cover multiple bets. This way, you won’t be losing everything on a single bet.

Only bet on sports that you understand

You should never be looking at Kentucky Derby odds unless you understand horse racing. You shouldn’t be looking at Masters betting odds unless you understand golf.

Basically, you should only ever be betting on sports that you understand. Not only is this going to be a whole lot more enjoyable, but it means that you can make better gambling choices.

Never bet from the heart

We have a lot of fantastic sports teams in Florida. The chances are that you will be a fan of one or two of them.

We tend to recommend that avid punters try to steer clear of betting on their favorite teams. Betting from the heart is never going to be a good idea. It clouds your decision-making.

Trust us. You are going to lose a lot more cash if you only ever bet on your favorite teams. They may be good for a small bet here and there to spice up a game that you are watching. But they aren’t going to be brilliant if you want to make serious cash from gambling.

Pay attention to betting tipsters

Either you’ll love them or hate them, but pay attention to betting odds from tipsters. These tipsters know what they are talking about.

You do not have to follow their advice to the letter, but if you can pay attention to their thought process, it may make things a little bit easier for you later on. This is because you will know how to choose your own betting odds.

Make sure you do your research

It doesn’t matter how likely a bet is to come through. First, you need to do your research. This means reading betting news. It means paying attention to sports stats. It means watching the game. The more research you carry out, the easier it will be to choose the bets that you want to make.

Establish your level of risk

This is something that is going to come with time, and carrying out your research will make things a little bit easier for you. However, the only way that you are going to make money from gambling is by placing riskier bets. This means that there will be a decent chance that you can lose your cash.

You need to know how much risk you are willing to take. This will change over time. If you paid attention to our first tip, then you won’t lose everything on a single bet.

FAQ’s About sports betting odds in Florida

When is the best time to choose sports betting odds in Florida?

Once you have done your research, in our experience, the best odds will be just before the game. This is when you will have a fairly decent idea of how risky a bet is.

When do sports betting odds in Florida become available?

It depends on the event. Major games may have betting odds available a few weeks before. Smaller games may have the odds go live a day or two before. It will be dependent on the sportsbook.

Can you hedge sports betting odds in Florida?

You can. There is nothing wrong with hedging your bets. You just need to ensure that you do it properly. So, before you try to hedge your bet in Florida, make sure you do your research, so you know how it all works.

Are there bonuses for sports betting odds in Florida?

Yes. Most sportsbooks will have sports betting odd promotions available. You will want to be on the lookout for enhanced betting odds. However, there may be a few other promotions available too.

Should you sign up to multiple sportsbooks for sports betting odds in Florida?

This depends on how much you are gambling. If you are betting hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, then it may be wise to sign up for multiple sportsbooks. On the other hand, it isn’t that important if you are betting $10 or $20 here and there.